How to create flow in your interior design project

Earlier this month, I made a presentation to a civic organization sharing how working with an interior designer will save a client time AND money.

Working with a full-service interior design firm allows a client to work on everything at once.  We create a cohesive plan which includes: creating a floor plan, selecting flooring, designing built-ins, choosing countertops and back splash materials, testing paints and stains, sourcing furniture, fabrics, lighting, window treatments and a myriad of decorative details.  Working with an interior designer is a STREAMLINED PROCESS resulting in a whole-house cohesiveness that cannot be achieved otherwise.  As a service-based firm, our relationship with a client’s budget is different than a sales based firm.  Interior designers are partners in the design process.  Our job is to explore ideas and provide a plan that works best for our client’s needs, lifestyle and budget.

Here is a diagram of a client’s experience before and after she hired us (this is a REAL CLIENT and her ACTUAL EXPERIENCE).  Working with an interior designer simplifies the renovation process, saves time, saves money and (more importantly) saves clients from bouts of self-doubt and stressful decision-making.


Vermont Interior Design



Vermont Interior Design

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